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Introduction: Scanning Bar Codes

Temporary Background Peelable Protective Coating For Bar Codes. Light Grey Color. High Contrast Background For Black Bar Codes. keep the dry film thickness to the minimum. Main object is to cut down gloss for better scan using IR beam.

General Chemical Corp.’s ScanPeel 4620 is a peelable coatings formulated for use as a background for Bar Codes. ScanPeel 4620 can be applied by roller or conventional spray. The excellent hiding properties and light grey color of ScanPeel 4620 provides a temporary protective background with excellent high contrast for black bar codes. When bar codes are no longer needed, just peel the coating leaving the underneath substrate in sparkling new condition. ScanPeel 4620 can be used on metals, glass, most plastics including thermoplastic acrylics, baked enamels and many other surfaces. ScanPeel 4620 represents the ultimate in non-solvent, water borne, strippable coatings. ScanPeel 4620 contains no flammable solvents.


  • Light Grey color
  • Water resistant when dry
  • Water cleanable when wet
  • Excellent hiding/contrast
  • Easy to use
  • Water Based Peelable Coatings
  • Engineered for Ease of Scanning Bar Codes
  • Environment Friendly
  • Safe to Use


  • Temporary Protection
  • Dries to a clear finish
  • Fast Drying
  • Prevents damage to surfaces
  • Protects expensive finishes


  • Water Reducible
  • Non Flammable
  • Safe to Use
  • Low Odor
  • Versatile Application Easy clean up with water when Wet


ScanPeel 4620 is normally used as received. It can be applied by air assisted spray or by roller. The sprayed coating dries, depending on humidity and film thickness, in 30 minutes to 4 hours. ScanPeel 4620 should be applied to yield a dry film of two to six mils (.002″ to .006″) thick. The dry coating is resistant to attack by water and can be washed, if so desired. Application temperatures range from 60º F. to 110º F. ScanPeel 4620 dries upon water evaporation. Faster dry can be realized by simple placement of air fans to remove the water from the coating. Rollers and spray equipment can be cleaned with water immediately after film application. 3.
ScanPeel 4620 peelable coating is removed by peeling. Simply, pry a piece of coating in one corner and lift.

Flammability: Water Resistant ScanPeel 4620 presents no fire hazard as received, during, or after application.

Operating Guidelines: When applying, use the same protection as used while applying paint. Ventilation should always be maintained. Chemical goggles and impervious gloves should be worn when handling ScanPeel 4620. Use of non-sparking metal equipment is advised if scraping becomes necessary in coatings removal.

Some Equipment Notes:
• Conventional air assisted spray equipment is recommended.
• Airless System: Recommended tip size is .070, similar to a glue tip.
• Stripaway_4280 can also be applied by roller coating or by brushing.

Colors: Other colors for peelable coatings are available upon request.


First Time Application

I. Pre-cleaning of Equipment:
To clean pressure pot, airless equipment, spray guns, spray lines, do the following:
• Flush equipment and lines with a paint thinner type material (ex. toluene, xylene or mek) or water depending up on previous materials
• Spray equipment is now ready for use with ScanPeel 4620.
• To clean equipment, thoroughly flush with the above type solvents or water

II. Pre-cleaning of Surfaces to be Coated:

• Surfaces should be cleaned with a suitable cleaner to remove all previous strippable coatings, oils, dirt and solvent residues.
• You are now ready to use ScanPeel 4620.