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UV MetalMask 737

UV MetalMask 737 is a temporary peelable masking resin for plastic surface protection.



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Product Description

UV MetalMask 737 is a temporary peelable masking resin for plastic surface protection.

UV_PlasticMask_737 is a UV curable, translucent, low adhesion, tough film with easy manual peel off metal surfaces.

UV_PlasticMask is an economical one component, UV cure masking resin that simplifies your process by offering fast, reliable protection for your parts. No measuring or special mixing required. It eliminates the need for fixtures, tapes, lacquers and wax in your plastic and metal finishing process and with the proper UV cure (irradiance), 737 will not leave a residue on the surface.

Light source: 400-600 W/in. mercury medium pressure arc or microwave lamp
Distance: focused light source with reflector for reduced part temperature
Total Energy Density (cm2): .9 W/cm2 (.68 J/cm2) * UVA
Belt speed: 20 ft./min.

UV cure rate is dependent on many variables, such as; coating thickness, lamp irradiance, distance from the light source and line speed. It is recommended that a radiometer be used to monitor irradiance.

Measured with an EIT UV Power Puck radiometer
Depth of Cure
UV_PlasticMask 737 has superior depth of cure for a UV cure coating. Most UV_Mask formulations typically cure to a depth of  .6 to 1.3 cm ( ¼” to ½”).

Storage and Handling
Surfaces to be masked should be clean and free of contaminants.
Avoid exposing the product to high temperatures and minimize exposure to artificial or natural light prior to curing.
Cool the cured parts to room temperature before testing.

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