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Peelstrip 4870

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Product Description

Peelstrip 4870

is a water-based, viscous clear gel product specially developed for the removal of temporary protective Coatings (TPC).

The thixotropic nature of the product provides excellent Clinging on vertical surfaces to provide sufficient contact time for temporary Protective coating removal. A unique combination of surfactants provides quick Penetration and easy water rinsing.

Application: Temporary Peelable Coatings Remover

Methods and Equipments Requirements:

PEELSTRIP_4870 can be spray applied using brush and airless

Spray equipment. The required pressure and orifice size will depend on the Individual application.

Application requirements.

PEELSTRIP_4870 can also be applied with brush or roller, if TPC is

To be removed from small area.

Apply 2 to 10 mil thick wet coating of PEELSTRIP_4870 on TPC to be

Removed and allow reacting for 30 minutes depending upon the coating thickness and aging time of the applied TPC.

Rinsing Method:
Then rinse with a room temperature or warm water using a hose or pressurized
Water spray.
If TPC is not completely removed, then repeat the same process sequence as
Mentioned above.


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