• Screen Peel 4220

    General Chemical Corp.’s SCREENPEEL 4220 is a strippable coating engineered for use on a wide variety of surfaces for Silk screen printing. This strippable coatings are specifically designed for silk screen printing applications. Dry film thickness can range from one to three mils. All peelalbe coatings are clear when dry and available in blue tint or clear version. Cured strippable coatings of SCREENPEEL 4220 are water resistant. SCREENPEEL 4220 resists forming operations that reach temperatures in excess of 200ºF. SCREENPEEL 4220 Peelable coating resists alkaline cleaners, hot water rinse and dry off. The application of SCREENPEEL 4220 coatings will protect metals, glass, baked enamels and many plastic substrates from damage during manufacturing, storage and shipping. SCREENPEEL 4220 represents the ultimate in non-solvent, water borne, Peelable coating. SCREENPEEL 4220 does not contain any VOCs.


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  • ScreenPeel 5900


    This water based coating is to be applied to glass, metal, painted surfaces, most plastics and almost any smooth surface.


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