• Blue Plate Off Mask 4300


    Our Highest viscosity Blue Solvent Based strippable coating engineered for high film deposit; excellent water and acid resistant to 200F .  Price can be reduced for larger quantity, please contact us for more information.


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  • Coscoat 4560

    DESCRIPTION: General Chemical's COSCOAT 4560 is an optically clear acid resistant, Peelable coating used where an acid resistant protective coating is required. Various applications include battery posts, battery cases and surfaces which need protection from water and/or acids during industrial manufacturing or processing. COSCOAT 4560 air-dries quickly, leaving a tough and flexible coating that is easily removed from a variety of surfaces. COSCOAT 4560 is the ultimate in solvent-based removable coating technology. COSCOAT 4560 is stabilized against brittleness and is not softened or penetrated by water and/or acid. It is optically clear and is non-reactive.


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