Optical Media

TDSCoscoat 4560ClearHighSolvent
TDSDiscoat 4210BlueLowSolvent
TDSDiscoat 4710BlackLowSolvent
TDSDiscoat 4220BlueLowWater Based
TDSPaintshield 2810ClearMediumWater Based
TDSStripaway 5900BlueMediumWater Based
  • Disccoat 4210

    Blue Solvent based Optical Media Protective Coating and Peelable coating . 4210 is international standard for protecting of optical media such as CD and video discs during manufacturing process. 4210 is very easy way to apply strippable coating for the protection of substrates from scratching and marring. 4210 is useful for substrate protection during polishing, handling and long term storage. 4210 is impregnated with transparent blue dye for easy visual inspection as well as identification and is non-staining and stable to 100 degrees Celsius¬†product here…


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  • Disccoat 4220

    Disccoat 4220 is a CLEAR BLUE water resistant, water based Peelable temporary protective coating for optical media which provides a long lasting durable protective layer that protects form scratches and oxidation. Disccoat 4220 air-dries quickly, leaving a tough, yet flexible coating that is easily removed and requires no other additional step.


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