• HI TEMP 1015

    Properties: Water based product, free of solvents, available in blue color provide temporary protection from long term heat exposure. HI TEMP 1015 is resistant to tearing and forms uniform film for peel in one go.


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  • High Temp Coating 4880

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    General Chemical's high temperature protective peelable coating cures to form a contour-hugging skin tight protective film on metals, glass or ceramics. This film is extremely useful in protecting items from overspray, dirt, etc. which undergoes high temperature cycles.

    For Instance: Metal hooks holding object to be painted become over sprayed.

    Solution: Apply High Temperature Coating 4880 on the hooks and after a few cycles of spray the film with the over spray paint can be peeled and the hooks are clean for further use. 4880 can be applied with a brush, roller, dip or airless spray. The cure is upon water evaporation to a transparent blue coating. Above is the study of 4880 films at various high temperatures conditions W Flashpoint: None



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