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Introduction: Plastic Thermoforming Masking

Water based peelable protection for Helicopter, Temporary Protective Peelable coating for Helicopter Acrylic Windows, Aircraft Windshields

Helicoat 1170 is a water based coating that upon water evaporation becomes clear/ transparent. The coating has no solvents to damage the surface. The clear cured film has excellent cohesion in snow, wind and speeds exceeding 85 mph. Helicoat 1170 is milky when wet and clear when all the water is evaporated. The clear film is transparent and cures upon water evaporation. The coating on dry, warm, sunny days can dry within 30 minutes. This same coating on humid days will take much longer to cure. Apply the coating, a minimum of 10 mils of wet film. Performance statements are based upon representative experience from testing throughout the United States; however, actual performance will be determined by substrate, preparation, exposure conditions and maintenance.

Helicoat 1170 is VOC free with water being the only vapor released during the curing process. HeliCoat is applied via airless or air assist sprayer. HeliCoat peelable coating is non flammable and non combustible as supplied and when the dry strippable film is formed and is also low hazard (see separate Health & Safety Data).
Helicoat 1170 is a water resistant, peelable temporary protective that air dries quickly, leaving a tough, clear flexible coating that is easily removed from a variety of surfaces. HeliCoat 1170 represents the ultimate in waterborne removable coating technology.

Description: Helicoat 1170 is a water based masking compound that forms a tough clear plastic film with controlled adhesion to plastics to give excellent surface protection and easily strippable. It is designed to apply on flat sheets of plastic prior to thermoforming. It is engineered to be sprayable as masking film for heat forming and decorating acrylic, polycarbonate and Abs sheets.

The clear film of Helicoat 1170 once dry can be run through the full process cycle of thermoforming with the part with any shape of part and with the dry film in direct contact with die. The dry peelable film of 1170 remains dry and tack free even while hot. When coarse material or very tight dies are being coated talc or powder dusting may help. Application and dry film of Helicoat 1170 allows full protection of the plastic sheet from the time is inspected in the flat through forming and fabrication process such as drilling, routing, sheeting, etc.

Thermoforming is a manufacturing process where a plastic sheet is heated to a pliable forming temperature, formed to a specific shape in a mold, and trimmed to create a usable product. The sheet, or “film” when referring to thinner gauges and certain material types, is heated in an oven to a high-enough temperature that it can be stretched into or onto a mold and cooled to a finished shape.


Protective coating Helicoat 1170 should be used as received. It can be applied by spray, roller (1/8” nap works best) or brush. Apply at temperatures over 50F. Humidity will effect dry times. Apply a minimum of 10 mils (.010) of wet film.

Because it is difficult to determine the type and amount of application, perform a small test first. This will determine Helicoat 1170 effectiveness, coverage, and the approximate amount of time required for it to work.

Helicoat 1170 cures upon water evaporation. Apply at temperatures over 50F. The cure process can be within 30 minutes or if humid can take hours. Factors effecting cure are temperatures, humidity and thickness of coating. The film when wet is milky, when cured it is clear.

Curing may be accelerated by forced drying at 110 – 130 degrees Fahrenheit for 3 to 7 minutes.

Application may be Lamb’s wool Ships Roller or airless spray equipment with 21 thou tip size.

Take measures to protect and Mask areas against overspray. Be careful and avoid spraying into small openings where the coating may become thin and subsequently difficult to remove. Must try to achieve a defined edge at the end of the area to be coated by taping the outer edges or by other methods. Do not apply during rain or frost.

Dry Film Thickness : Once a film of 1170 goes through the heat cycle for thermoforming, it attains full tensile strength and is very strong tough film. Film of less than 3 mil will be too thin and will break especially during more severe forming. Thickness of 1170 film will depend on upon you part ,process.

Note: It is critical to achieve correct dry film thickness for removal and peeling.

It is possible to get a 3 mil tack free dry coating film in less than one hour drying in air at ambient temperature. For maximum tensile strength , 12 hour drying time is better. Blowing air past the surface of the wet film, drying time can be shortened. Heated air up to temperature of 115f can also help in drying time. HeliCoat 1170 cures upon water evaporation.

Dry time is dependent upon temperature, humidity, air movement and thickness of the coating. Curing may be accelerated by forced dry air up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Force dry coatings can cure in less than 10 minutes. Most coatings without assist will dry in a few hours. It is imperative that HeliCoat 1170 be thoroughly cured and dry, before an attempt is made to peel the coating from the substrate. Cured coating is transparent throughout. Cured HeliCoat 1170 is water resistant. Surfaces coated with HeliCoat 1170 can be water mopped.

Application by roller might require a few coats. Thick coating peels in one large continuous sheet. Thin coatings will break in areas of coating weakness. HeliCoat 1170 is water based for safe use and easy water clean up. Dry coatings are water resistant. When applying HeliCoat 1170 use the same protection as used while applying paint.

Customer Comments

“I am representing Air Taxi. We are the largest Twin Otter Aircraft Operator in the world. We are planning to use HeliCoat 1170 on our aircraft Wind screens.”

Physical Characteristics

Type: Water Dispersion
Color: Blue Tinted, can be made clear or other tints. Transparent When dry.
NON-Volatiles: 33+_3%
Flammability: Non Flammable in Liquid Form
Tensile Strength: Air-Dry 1700 psi 8 minutes @375f : 3000psi
Elongation: Air dry -300% 8 minutes at 375f 300%
Coverage: 760 sq. feet /1 gallon/ 1mil @ 100% spray efficiency
Weight: 9.92 Lbs./Gallon
Viscosity: 50-60″ on Zahn #2 cup at 77 degrees Fahrenheit


The surface to be protected with HeliCoat 1170 should be dry, clean and free from oil, grease and other water incompatible matter. The clean surface helps even distribution of HeliCoat 1170. The surface remains clean when HeliCoat 1170 is removed and surface clean up will not be necessary for second time application.

Patch Test: Always test a small inconspicuous area first. Because of various substrate characteristics and conditions like porosity, deterioration, embattlement, adverse wear area, type of ink, paint and or other coatings applied, abrasion of panted surfaces, and the like ,it is difficult to predetermine specific effects from this product.

See application and safety precautions before applying. Liquid product is slippery when wet. Please refer to SDS.

This is water based product. Do not freeze. Do not mix with paint solvents. Use water to wash equipment’s. recommended indoor storage temperature 55°F to 90°F

HeliCoat 1170 should be stored in the original shipping container with temperatures between 60 and 90 degrees F. Container should be sealed until needed. Protection from freezing is necessary.

HeliCoat 1170 is readily removed from surfaces by peeling any exposed edge. This Peelable coating can be removed by prying an edge and slowly lifting the coating.

Clean Up:
Our Peelable coating is a water-based product and you can clean spray equipment and brushes with water. Do this immediately before peelable coating starts to dry.

Note: The information presented herein is our interpretation of certain test results and field experience to date. The information is not to be taken as warranty or representation for which we assume legal responsibility, nor as permission or recommendation to practice any patented invention without a license. It is offered solely for your consideration, investigation and verification.