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Introducing: Furniture Protection

Temporary Protective Peelable Coating For Furniture Glass & Non Porous Wood and Furniture Surfaces

Water based, water resistant, peelable coating for furniture. Various applications to temporarily protect surface from interior environment, prevent damage and scratches including glass and non porous surfaces such as table tops.

Strippable Coating LLC’s protective peelable coatings for Furniture: PeelKleer is a protective strippable coating engineered for use on wide variety of non porous surfaces. Typical applications include where a temporary protective coating is desired to protect the surface form damage, scratches, chipping and from exterior and interior environments.. Depending on the thickness of the wet film; dry film thickness can range from one to ten mils. Thin films are clear while thicker films are translucent. during manufacturing and shipping. PeelKleer represents the ultimate in non-solvent, water borne, strippable coatings.


PeelKleer protects glass, frames, non porous furniture surface against scratches, abrasions and show room dirt and grime. Easy-to-apply, the water-based coating cures to a durable, easy-to-remove “protective skin.” One gallon covers approximately 200 Sq Ft.


  • Cost effective solution for from damage and time consuming replacement
  • Virtually eliminates repairs caused during Handling
  • Provides Temporary protection through final inspection
  • Replaces crude or ineffective liner materials
  • Value added service for buyers satisfaction
  • Professional image for Furniture suppliers

Furniture Protection

Temporary Protective Peelable Coating For Furniture Glass & Non Porous Wood and Furniture Surfaces
Woodshield 5980WindOcoat 5980 can be used in cold as well as hot weather conditions – 35 to 100F . WindOcoat 5980 is all purpose and can be used on plastic, painted and primed wood and glass.
PeelKleer 1830General Chemical's Peelkleer 1830 is a CLEAR water removable or strippable coating. Temporary protective coatings such as 1830 for various application such as Auto Body shop Paint booth, paint booth windows and paint booth light fixtures where paint over spray accumulation must be readily removed. Protective Coatings and peelable maskant such as 1830 can be removed by water or peeling . In Paint booth It will maximize Paint booth illumination and remain non-dusting. Thus, application of Peelkleer 1830 coating in auto body shop Paint Booth will result in optimum paint finish and minimize rejects

Color: White when wet. Clear when dry

Customer Comments

Typical Customer Inquiry: “As a wholesale furniture showroom, we purchase all kinds of tables with glass tops. We purchase these tables to show our customers the different styles available from the manufacturers we represent. Our customers can either order from these tables, or they can purchase these tables right off our floor. We have had an ongoing problem of the glass getting scratched when accessories are displayed on them, or when customers set personal items on them. We are looking for a clear coating which could be applied when the tables arrive. The coating would probably need to be replaced from time to time depending on the age of the table. We can also recommend and sell the product to our customers whose clients require glass protection in active environments. This would be for indoor use only.

The big question is the coating clear so that you almost don’t know its there. We cannot have something that will interfere with the proper merchandising of the piece.”
Typical Customer Inquiry: “I would like to get some information on the Peelkleer 1850 product. We produce a very high end wood furniture product that we would like to protect more as we ship it.”

Typical Customer Inquiry: “We are a furniture manufacturing company located in Turkey.We create classical furniture (attached a picture).in our finishing production we use 2 tone finishes such as background color and gold paint.as you can imagine classical furniture does not have straight line so that it is very hard to do the second tone without masking .if we use old style masking then it takes forever in the masking process .what i was wondering with your product is can i paint your mask and peel the areas i would like to do the second color and peel it all before the top coat. Can that be done and do you have a distributor in Turkey? Please let me know how we can make our production line go faster thank you.”

Our Recommendations: Woodshield 5140 is a water based peelable coating that cures upon water evaporation. Cured films should perform for this application…5140 has more adhesion and that will be needed here to cut straight lines.


PeelKleer, a protective peelable mask for is easy to apply. Brushes can be cleaned with soap and water. PeelKleer , a protective peelable mask for door, is normally used as received, it can be applied by air or airless spray, roll coating, or brushing. Apply product evenly to produce a dry film thickness of approximately 7-10 mils or wet film thickness of 14 to 20 mils.. Drying time is dependent on temperature. At 70?F, product will dry in approximately 24 hours. You can enhance drying time by air movement and other suitable means.
Procedure for General Chemical Corporation PeelKleer 1850, used to create a temporary peel away protective coating for glass and wood table tops, developed with “To The Trade” furniture dealer and showroom.

Procedure: (Actual procedure used and written by Furniture Showroom)
Procedure for General Chemical Corporation PeelKleer 1850, used to create a temporary peel away protective coating for glass and wood table tops, developed by Design Center Associates. Design Center Associates is a “To The Trade” furniture dealer and showroom.

Prepare glass or wood
Clean surface thoroughly. Remove any scratches, dirt, dust and debris.
Use masking tape around entire edge of surface to create a barrier that will contain product to surface top and prevent dripping.

Product: Peelkleer 1850

Application Apparatus: Central Pneumatic Touch-up Spray Gun #93974 with compressor at 40 psi. or similar.

Application procedure:
Spray entire surface with product. One coat should be sufficient. Repeat two to three times if heavy usage is anticipated. Do not allow product to dry in-between layers. Product will turn frosty white before drying crystal clear. Product will be bumpy and pitted before drying to a smooth surface.

Additional Information:
Apply at room temperature of 75 degrees or above to facilitate quick dry which will help prevent particulate matter from adhering to wet film. Drying time is approximately 2 hours.
Coating peals away in one piece when no longer needed.
Five ounces of solution will cover a surface of approximately 36”x48”.

NOTE: makes no guarantee on this product’s performance and will not be held responsible for any damages.

Renovation: Apply to glass that is to remain ‘in situ’, to give excellent protection during the course of showroom handling.
Can PeelKleer strippable coating be sprayed?
Yes, you can spray it. Preferred method is roll or brush on which helps control necessary film thickness to facilitate its removal. Spray method can cause feather edges and the peelable coating film becomes difficult to remove.
Application Guidelines:

  • Apply only with rollers. The use of other methods may apply the product too thinly causing the product to be difficult to peel off.
    Do not apply the product: in rain or when the temperature is below 40F ( 3?C)
  • Do not remove the product: Until fully cured – generally 4-24 hours depending upon temperature and airflow. Product can remain in situ for up to 12 months in temperature below 32F (0?C) With any sharp implements. Simply peel off from one corner.
  • If the product is to be applied to framework, aluminum or PVC once ‘touch dry’, apply a second coat; do not coat handles or locking mechanisms . Do not coat where there is likelihood a vent/door may be opened.
  • Do not store the product where it may freeze.
  • Ideally, apply towards the end of a working day.
  • When trained, an applicator should, dependant on site conditions, be able to cover between 270– 540 sq Ft (25-50m2) per hour.
  • Immediately Wash out rollers and all other equipment with clean water after use.
  • Any unused volume of product left in the roller tray may be returned to the storage drum providing it has not begun to set.
  • Ensure all opened drums are resealed when not in use and during transportation.
  • Has a shelf life in excess of 12 months when unopened and keep the container closed when not in use.

One liter of Peelable coating applied with the roller will cover 65-86 sq Ft (6-8m2) of glazing.

Performance Tests:
Patch Test: Because it is difficult to determine the type of substrate of the furniture such as type of acrylic ,perform a small test first. This will determine peelKleer effectiveness, coverage, and the approximate amount of time required for it to work.

IMPORTANT: do not use ‘off the shelf’ general decorating rollers; these may not apply the product at the correct consistency.

Removal: PeelKleer can be removed by peeling. will turn white when wet but it will not come off unless peeled. PeelKleer water resistant when it is dry film.

Safety & Handling: Avoid breathing vapors/mists that occur during spraying. Wear a painter’s mask or other suitable respiratory device when applying this product. Avoid skin and eye contact. Do not allow product to freeze. Keep container closed when not in use. Store in a clean dry area with a minimum temperature of 50?F.

Flammability: Water Resistant presents no fire hazard as received, during, or after application. PeelKleer is non-flammable in liquid or dry state.

Disposal: Protective Peelable coating is disposed like paint films ad other solid materials.

Packaging: PeelKleer 5140 is available in 1gallon,5 gallon,55 gallon & 110 gal/220 gal disposable tote tanks. Totes feature an inner bladder that collapses as product is dispensed, ensuring that all product is usable over the life of the container in service.

Also available in different colors for additional costs.

Operating Guidelines:

When applying, use the same protection as used while applying paint.
First Time Application: Cleaning of equipment: Clean immediately with water after use.