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Introduction: Liquid Masking Floor Protection Film

Floor strippable coating, Peelable coating for Floors, Temporary Protective Peelable coatings for floors with Heavy traffic.

When Cured: Water Resistant, Alkali resistant and Heat Resistant. Designed especially for floors, It has built in traction to walk on it and avoid slippage. 4000 films are tough and durable to handle heavy forklift and foot traffic. Perfect for floor areas around presses, spray areas, high traffic routes.

It is easy to apply and very easy to peel. Maintenance costs with 4000 are reduced and floors are maintained in brand new condition. FloorPeel 4000 has no VOC’s.

Easily strippable 4000 allows easy maintenance for any Industrial Floors.

FloorPeel Black: This product is black pigmented and used by photographic studios and in other application where they need to have a black floor. This helps avoid the need to paint the floor black.

Floorpeel 4000 is good over cement, linoleum and floor painted with enamels that are resistant to water. Floorpeel 4000 will adhere to enamels based on emulsions and therefore should not be used.

Represents the ultimate in non-solvent strippable coatings. It is well stabilized against brittleness and it will not be softened or penetrated by solvent-based paints.

FloorPeel 4000 can be used on concrete, tile, glass, ceramic, laminates, brick, and many other non-porous clean surfaces such as:

  • Concrete floors-painted or sealed
  • Tile Floors-with sealed grout
  • Wood floors-seal bare wood floors first to prevent pulling up wood fibers
  • Laminate flooring
  • Brick Floors-Apply sealant first
  • Steel, aluminum, brass, copper and other ferrous and non ferrous metals
  • Glass, plastic and acrylics like Lexan
  • Other non-porous or well sealed floor materials.


FloorPeel_4000 is a temporary Protective Floor Strippable Coatings and Floor Peelable Coatings formulated for maintenance of industrial floors. It protects floors form build-up of inks, spray track adhesives, paint tracks, lint, grease and grime. When it is time to clean, just peel it up.

Benefits to You

  • No Flash point Water Based for environment and worker safety
  • Durable Peelable coating with Built in Traction for avoiding slippage
  • Keeps everything underneath clean


FloorPeel 4000 should be used as received. It can be applied by airless spray, paint roller, or brush. The coating dries upon water evaporation. Wet coating is milky (white). Dry coating is clear. The surface to be applied with FloorPeel 4000 should be dry, clean and free from oil, grease and other water incompatible matter. The clean surface helps even distribution of FloorPeel 4000. The surface remains clean when FloorPeel 4000 is removed and surface clean up will not be necessary for second time application. FloorPeel 4000 should be applied to form a dry film in the range of 3 to 10 mils(.003″ to .010″) thick. Application temperature is ambient to no lower than 50ºF. Drying times will be affected by humidity, film thickness, air movement and temperature. Best time to apply is on week-ends or late afternoons to give a coating time to dry. Proper fan placement can speed the dry by removing water at a much faster rate. Application by roller might require a few coats. Thick coating peels in one large continuous sheet. Thin coatings will break in areas of coating weakness. FloorPeel 4000 is water based for safe use and easy water clean up. Dry coatings are water resistant. When applying FloorPeel 4000 use the same protection as used while applying paint.

Precautions: Always test a small inconspicuous area first. Because of various substrate characteristics and conditions like porosity, deterioration, embattlement, adverse wear area, type of ink, paint and or other coatings applied, abrasion of panted surfaces, and the like ,it is difficult to predetermine specific effects from this product.

Safety & Handling: See application and safety precautions before applying. Liquid product is slippery when wet. Please refer to SDS.

1. Outline your floor area to be protected with the self adhesive fiber tape. DO not overlap tap edges ,but keep adjacent.
2. For best results, wet roller with water and squeeze out excess water. For best overall results Floorpeel should be applied to a minimum of dry mils
3. Apply FloorPeel 4000 and let it dry. Rinse out roller with plenty of water between coats
4. Allow first coat to dry. dry time will be affected by coating thickness, application methods, humidity and air flow in the vicinity. Initial drying time is 30 minutes approximately.
5. Apply second coat and allow it to dry before permitting traffic on the floor.

Curing: FloorPeel 4000 cures upon water evaporation. Dry time is dependent upon temperature, humidity, air movement and thickness of the coating. Curing may be accelerated by forced dry air up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Force dry coatings can cure in less than 10 minutes. Most coatings without assist will dry in a few hours. It is imperative that FloorPeel 4000 be thoroughly cured and dry, before an attempt is made to peel the coating from the substrate. Cured coating is clear throughout. Cured FloorPeel 4000 is water resistant. Floors coated with FloorPeel 4000 can be water mopped.

Storage: FloorPeel 4000 should be stored in the original shipping container with temperatures between 60 and 90 degrees F. Container should be sealed until needed. Protection from freezing is necessary.

Removal: 4000 is readily removed from surfaces by peeling any exposed edge. This Peelable coating can be removed by prying an edge and slowly lifting the coating off the floor.

Physical Characteristics:
Color: White when wet. Clear when dry.
Weight: 9.92 Lbs./Gallon
Viscosity: 50-60″ on Zahn #2 cup at 77 degrees Fahrenheit
Flashpoint: None


Operating Guidelines:

1.When applying, use the same protection as used while applying paint. Provide ventilation.
2.Chemical goggles, impervious gloves and respirators should be worn when handling 4000.
3.The use of non-sparking equipment is advised if scraping becomes necessary.

Some Equipment Notes:
Airless System: Recommended tip size is .070, similar to a glue tip.

Note: The information presented herein is our interpretation of certain test results and field experience to date. The information is not to be taken as warranty or representation for which we assume legal responsibility, nor as permission or recommendation to practice any patented invention without a license. It is offered solely for your consideration, investigation and verification.

Floor Protection

Painted Surfaces
TDSFloorpeel 4000Clear
TDSMarbleshield 4580Clear

Customer Comments


“We are a fiberglass manufacturer and am looking for a floor and wall coating that can be easily removed from our gel coat and chop booths. Any ideas?” – John Project Manager

Our Recommendations: For the floor our FloorPeel 4000 will be exactly what you need especially if you have heavy foot traffic and fork truck traffic running over it. This is a water based, zero VOC content peelable coating that has a built in non slip feature. The soiled area can be cut out, peeled up and reapplied or simply peel the entire area and recoat.. One gallon will cover approx 100 to 125 square feet.
“Are any of your liquid peel able materials paintable? We have a studio with floor, hard cyc and wall that need one large contiguous sheet of a peelable material that can receive multiple layers of latex paint.

It’s the system that was installed some 20 years ago, and it’s time to replace it (peel it up and start over). The only issue is that we don’t know what material to use as that base.”

Our Recommendations: Floorpeel 4000 is a water based peelable coating that cures upon water evaporation. Cured films are paintable.




“We are helping our local Hospice paint arrows on the road for their annual bike ride. Stencils made out of vinyl flooring or Masonite will be used to paint arrow etc. on the pavement. In the past it has been a very tedious job cleaning the stencils for future use. Can you recommend a strippable coating that would be good for this application and give cost information?”

Our Recommendations: Floorpeel 4000 is a water based peelable coating that cures upon water evaporation. Uncured films are white, cured films are transparent clear. This product when cured can be stenciled and later peeled.



“I am looking your Floorpeel 4000 and was wondering what the maximum temperature that the paint can withstand?”

Our Recommendations: Floorpeel 4000 films can withstand 250F for 10 minutes and then start to get brittle when cooled. 200°F for 6 hours 150°F for 96 hours 100°F for months .They are not good over 300°F



“We would like some information, and samples, of this material. We are a construction company building high-end custom homes and we need to find some kind of material to protect the wood and stone/tile flooring while construction is still in progress.
1. Does this material work for this installation especially over very expensive material?
2. I see many types of material available on your website and would like to know which material is the best for this application.
3. How much square footage does a gallon cover?
4. We are located in San Diego, what is the shipping time to receive your material?”

Our Recommendations: Marbleshield 4580 is a water based peelable coating which cures upon water evaporation to a clear water resistant hard film. The cured films can be applied to concrete, marble, sealed wood and most other surfaces that are non porous. The viscosity of this material is high and that helps the film to bridge over minute cracks. The coating can be peeled by prying a corner and lifting the paint off. A gallon of Marbleshield will cover 160 to 190 square feet. Application by airless spray is best but it can also be applied with paint rollers.



“I am currently looking at starting a new business where you apply a possibly peelable concrete paint on garage floors during the building/construction stage. the particular paint would prevent the garage floor from getting damaged, scratched, chipped to a certain extent. then when the house is finished you peel this paint off and garage floor isnt damaged. would you recommend your product for this procedure. i would greatly appreciate feed back on your product. Regards.” -Barry, Australia

Our Recommendations: For a finished smooth concrete surface Floorpeel 4000 should be used. Floorpeel 4000 is a water based peelable coating that cures upon water evaporation to a clear water resistant hard film. A minimum of 10 mils of wet coating is to be applied for easy removal at a later date.

For rough open surface a much higher viscosity coating 2510 should be used. This coating can be applied with a roller or a trowel. The paste viscosity of this coating will bridge over open pores in the concrete and the coating will be able to peel at a later date.



“I did purchase the liquid masking coating for marble and stone surfaces. It’s an unusual application I am sure, but we installed a new kitchen backsplash with a green/white marble tile and the grout color is a dark green. When testing grout on tile samples I had problems with the marble absorbing the grout into surface of the tile and turning the white marble dark and greenish muddy looking. It was not good. Reading up on tiling I found that natural stones and marbles will absorb grout unless you seal the surface. I tried various tile sealers sold for this purpose and none of them worked well and the tile always ended up dark and blotchy. So, in desperation, I started looking outside the box of traditional tiling methods and was looking for something that I could coat the face of the tile with, grout and then remove again. I came across your liquid masking coatings through an internet search.

To wrap up a long story, the coating works tremendously well. It went on easy with a simple paint roller (a small detail roller with a short nap) and does a great job at minimizing the absorption of the grout. I was very pleased with the results of all of my sample pieces. I did find that I needed to use multiple, thin coats, about 2-3 coats, for the best results, but the can of coating I purchased goes a long way so I have more than enough. The coating peels off really easily and actually reduces the effort to wash the grout haze off the tile, as the haze is on the coating, not the tile. The final backsplash grouting is going to take place sometime over the next two weeks, but I am confident I have found a perfect solution to the problem. Great product! Thanks so much!” – Brenda


“I’ve found Floorpeel to be the best solution for a quick and easy clean up for our new spray booth! Easy to apply and remove. Thanks General Chemical!”– D. Craig Jones.