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Introduction: Floor Protection Film

These coatings are specifically designed for the maintenance of industrial floors.  They provide protection from the build up of inks, overspray from paint and adhesives, lint, grease and grime. The films are tough and durable to handle heavy forklift and foot traffic, with built in traction to avoid slippage- perfect for high traffic areas.  Easy to apply, easy to clean up.

Floor Protection

Floorpeel 4000ClearFlexible coating
Floorpeel 2510ClearIdeal for unsealed surfaces, high viscosity
FloorPeel 2630Transparent blueWater based, zero VOC, easy release
Marbleshield 4580WhiteIdeal for smooth, stone surfaces

Benefits to You

  • Maintenance costs are reduced
  • Floors maintained in new condition
  • Built in traction for avoiding slippage
  • Keeps everything underneath clean

Patch Test

Because it is difficult to determine the type and condition of the surface, perform a small patch test first.  It will determine the peelability of the coating on your particular surface, it will define the coverage and the approximate amount of time required for it to work and to remove off of surface.  We offer no implied or otherwise a warranty for our products.

Approximate Square Feet Coverage Per Gallon of General Chemical’s Peelable coatings:

General Chemical has a complete line of Peelable Masks to meet your challenging requirement. If we do not have something to meet your specific requirement, than we will develop it by working with you to meet that need for strippable coating.