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Paintshield Masking film is engineered for water and UV resistance and is used for temporary protection during transport, storage, processing and handling.

The coatings are easily applied by spray and will offer protection against abrasion, dirt and staining to all non porous surfaces including paintwork, stainless steel, glass and plastic.

The benefits over plastic packaging are the waterproof “skin tight” nature of the protection which will not deteriorate or blow away. It will not bake on to the surface or leave adhesive marks at ambient temperature below 100°F.

Description: Paintshield is water based, water resistant, peelable coating for Equipment. various applications to temporarily protect surface from exterior and interior environment, prevent damage and scratches including glass.

According to industry data, 70% of used and rental equipments are damaged during construction and require repair.

If you have ever rented equipment, you have seen the equipment splattered with construction material and excessive staining and scratching. Once the equipment is returned and the final cleanup is scheduled, the protective coating is peeled away in one piece to form a bag enclosing all trash and debris, revealing a lifts, elevators and other equipment in showroom condition! Paintshield Protective Peelable coating virtually abolishes repairs and reduces cleanup costs. Also, since all paint overspray is on the Paintshield coating, you eliminate the use of harsh flammable solvents to remove the overspray. Many of these solvents can dull and weaken fiberglass or acrylic surfaces.

Paintshield protects door glass, frames ,doors against scratches, abrasions and job site dirt and grime. Easy-to-apply, the water-based coating cures to a durable, easy-to-remove “protective skin.” One gallon covers approximately 200 Sq Ft.
General Chemical Corp.’s protective peelable coatings for equipment: Paintshield is a protective strippable coating engineered for use on wide variety of non porous surfaces. Typical applications include where a temporary protective coating is desired to protect the surface form damage, scratches, chipping and from exterior and interior environments. Depending on the thickness of the wet film, dry film thickness can range from one to ten mils. Thin films are clear while thicker films are translucent. The application of Paintshield coatings will protect surfaces from paint overspray or damage during manufacturing and shipping. Paintshield represents the ultimate in non-solvent, water borne, strippable coatings. Paintshield does not contain VOCs.

Performance Tests

UV Exposure Study: The two sets of pictures represent the equivalent to 6 months and 12 months exposure to UV light using a controlled irradiance water cooled XENON ARC apparatus and run to SAE J1960 ACCELERATED EXPOSURE OF AUTOMOTIVE EXTERIOR MATERIALS.

Three sets of coatings were tested:
1. Paintshield 5140 – as is (on the left)
2. Paintshield 5140- with UV adds (middle)

OVERALL: All sets exposed quite well and the test resulted in good integrity. UV was almost perfect after the 6 month test and much better than the other two after the 12 month conditions. Peeling of the two Paintshield was very easy.

Benefits to You

  • Cost effective solution for from damage and time consuming cleanups
  • Virtually eliminates repairs caused during Storage,Shipping and Transport
  • Provides Temporary protection through final inspection
  • Replaces crude or ineffective liner materials
  • Value added service for Buyer’s satisfaction
  • Professional image for equipment suppliers

Patch Test

Because it is difficult to determine the type of substrate of the door frame such as type of acrylic ,perform a small test first. This will determine effectiveness, coverage, and the approximate amount of time required for it to work.

Customer Comments

Typical Customer inquiry: “I would like a recommendation for a strippable coating that could be applied to rental man lifts. These lifts are rented by paint contractors and are covered in overspray when they are returned.”

Typical Customer inquiry: “We are in urgent need of a protection spray for our CCTV dome camera. We use a PC polycarbonate dome in this product. And we need to spray on a removable film. The film has to be easy to remove after production and handling.I could see that you have a lot of interesting products like this on your web site, but I don’t know if this is easy to remove and good to use on PC plastic.”

Our Recommendation: Paintshield 5140

Paintshield is a Protective strippable coating For equipment such as lifts is the revolutionary product developed by General Chemical Corp. Paintshield is available by direct order, and through distributors and agents worldwide.

“I did read your advertisement on the “net” after looking for a suitable peel-off temporary coating for our ships hull topside. At this moment we are building an FPSO 110.000 tonnes at shipyard, Singapore. Between the coating application on the topside (green) and the delivery there will be a big outfitting process ongoing which will give a considering amount of contamination on my Polyurethane finish coat. Yes, Paint Shield was the product we were using and I can tell you it was a great product. After one year on the hull we still had a clean new ship. If you want I can send you some photos when we are taking it off the vessel. That’s why we are using it again.”

“The mirror surface of the lift for high buildings need to be covered and protected before installation and operation. Currently, most lift manufacturers cover and protect the mirror surface of their lifts by adhesive plastic films in China. Mirror front is glass, therefore our water based Paintshield (clear) work well for this application.”– Customer from China

Equipment Protection

Painted Surfaces
TDSMetal Protect 5000Clear
TDSMetal Protect 5201White
TDSPaintshield 2630Blue
TDSPaintshield 5140Clear


Paintshield, a protective peelable mask for door, is easy to brush on. Brushes can be cleaned with soap and water. Paintshield , a protective peelable mask for door, is normally used as received, it can be applied by air or airless spray, roll coating, or brushing. Apply product evenly to produce a dry film thickness of approximately 7-10 mils or wet film thickness of 14 to 20 mils.. Drying time is dependent on temperature. At 70?F, product will dry in approximately 24 hours. You can enhance drying time by air movement and other suitable means.
Structured Assemblies: Will not affect silicone joint – ensure they are cured prior to film application.
Renovation: Apply to glass that is to remain ‘in situ’, to give excellent protection during the course of building alteration.
Can Paintshield strippable coating be sprayed?
Yes, you can spray it. Preferred method is roll or brush on which helps control necessary film thickness to facilitate its removal. Spray method can cause feather edges and the peelable coating film becomes difficult to remove.
Application Guidelines:

  • Apply only with rollers. The use of other methods may apply the product too thinly causing the product to be difficult to peel off.
    Do not apply the product: in rain or when the temperature is below 40°F ( 3?C)
  • Do not remove the product: Until fully cured – generally 4-24 hours depending upon temperature and airflow. Product can remain in situ for up to 12 months in temperature below 32°F (0°C) With any sharp implements. Simply peel off from one corner.
  • If the product is to be applied to framework, aluminum or PVC once ‘touch dry’, apply a second coat; do not coat handles or locking mechanisms . Do not coat where there is likelihood a vent/door may be opened.
  • Do not store the product where it may freeze.
  • Ideally, apply towards the end of a working day.
  • When trained, an applicator should, dependant on site conditions, be able to cover between 270– 540 sq Ft (25-50m2) per hour.
  • Immediately Wash out rollers and all other equipment with clean water after use.
  • Any unused volume of product left in the roller tray may be returned to the storage drum providing it has not begun to set.
  • Ensure all opened drums are resealed when not in use and during transportation.
  • Has a shelf life in excess of 12 months when unopened and keep the container closed when not in use.
  • One liter of Peelable coating applied with the roller will cover 65-86 sq Ft (6-8m2) of glazing.
IMPORTANT: do not use ‘off the shelf’ general decorating rollers; these may not apply the product at the correct consistency.

Removal: Paintshield can be removed by peeling. will turn white when wet but it will not come off unless peeled. Paintshield water resistant when it is dry film.

Safety & Handling: Avoid breathing vapors/mists that occur during spraying – wear a painter’s mask or other suitable respiratory device when applying this product. Avoid skin and eye contact. Do not allow product to freeze. Keep container closed when not in use. Store in a clean dry area with a minimum temperature of 50°F.

Flammability: Water Resistant Doorshield presents no fire hazard as received, during, or after application. Paintshield 5140 is non-flammable in liquid or dry state.

Disposal: Protective Peelable coating Doorshield is disposed like paint films ad other solid materials.
Packaging: Paintshield 5140 is available in 1gallon,5 gallon,55 gallon & 110 gal/220 gal disposable tote tanks. Totes feature an inner bladder that collapses as product is dispensed, ensuring that all product is usable over the life of the container in service. Also available in different colors for additional costs.

Operating Guidelines:

When applying, use the same protection as used while applying paint.
First Time Application: I. Cleaning of equipment: Clean immediately with water after use.