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Introduction: Decorative Film, Decorative Coatings for Temporary Decoration and Temporary Advertising

The peelable coatings will adhere to uneven surfaces and can work around odd shapes effortlessly as it is liquid masking. Adhesive films will not. Our HalloweenStore_DecoFilm Peelable coatings just simply paint on and peel off.

Peelable coatings are used extensively for worldwide sporting events to provide an attractive backdrop for the TV cameras and to decorate concrete walls and to carry advertising messages applied by paint or graphics. They are also used to blank out unwanted advertising during a specific event or to carry a sponsor`s corporate color.

HalloweenStore_DecoFilm peelable coatings are used for corporate branding and temporary sponsorship. HalloweenStore_DecoFilm Peelable coatings can be used on wide variety including vehicles, building structures, sports stadiums and events, shopping centers and car parks.

The temporary protective peelable coating protects not only the surface and unlike conventional plastic films it will not become easily detached or leave any residue when removed by peeling. Many major advertising and decorative projects are now adopting this preventative management system. For a small investment can save on substantial repair or even replacement costs.

When You Need Temporary Decorative Paint Protection

This unique peelable coating can be spray or rolled onto any painted, metal or plastic surface and is available in any color. The paint dries to a colored ‘plastic’ contour hugging film, which can simply be stripped away when required with no damage to the original surface.

Benefits To You:

  • Cost effective solution for Temporary Decoration and Temporary Advertising
  • Available in custom colors
  • Provides Temporary protection
  • Replaces crude or ineffective liner materials. Liquid coating can adhere to uneven surface. Can form weather proof, skin tight dry film.
  • Available in Flame retardant formulation when it is dry film
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Customer Comments

“I have a storefront in the 1st floor of my building that is going to be vacant for a short time and would like to mask the windows. My first thought was to go with a frosted window film but I was told about your product. Can you contact me with some possible options? I was thinking just a silver/gray frost, but would welcome other suggestions.”

Our Recommendations: Our HalloweenStore_DecoFilm is ideal for this application. Please see above 2 photos of a pane of glass that I coated with 2 of our coatings to demonstrate this very application.

First using our white coating I painted a message on the window. I then covered the entire window with our black coating to completely block out the window. We can do this in many colors including various neon colors. These coatings are water based non hazardous, bio degradable and contain virtually no VOC’s. They can be used indoors or out and are very weather resistant. When the remodeling is complete you simply peel the coating off in one sheet, compress into a ball and throw away. The coating can be applied using a sprayer, roller or brush. Sprayer or roller is preferred. The coating in the photo was applied using a standard latex type paint roller. A gallon will cover 200 to 250 square feet.



“We are currently using spray latex purchased from a mold making supplies company that supplies artists. We are spraying it on 3D thermoformed parts. The parts are sheets about 12” x 24” and the draw is a maximum of 0.375” deep. The latex thins out on vertical faces of the parts and when the latex peels the coating breaks and leaves latex behind. Also, if the latex is not sprayed thick enough then it tends to not form a good film. The surface we are spraying onto is a fluorocarbon film surface. After coating we laser cut the parts and peel the masking. I would like to get working with you guys to find a peelable coating and application that would work better for this application. We are open to spraying or roller coating with a hand roller but we cannot apply the coating to both sides of the formed piece.”

Our Recommendation: HalloweenStore_DecoFilm 2990 is a water based peelable coating with a wet sag resistance of 24 mils. This coating can be sprayed with HVLP or airless spray guns. For best results a minimum of 10 wet mils of paint would give you good protection and clean easy peel. HalloweenStore_DecoFilm 2990 is in the middle of our viscosity range and based on your description is a good start for your application



“We do a lot of work with retail shopping centers and are looking to use this product to protect windows during construction build outs. We would also like to use this product to protect windows and make them nontransparent in vacant spaces (while they are waiting to be leased.) Is this the right product? If so, which HalloweenStore_DecoFilm do you recommend (4930 or 4880?) Do you offer any other colors? If not, is the window transparent after the clear is applied? I look forward to your response.”

Our Recommendation: HalloweenStore_DecoFilm 4880 would definitely be the correct product. The 4930 is for a colder damp climate. We supply this type formula to Great Britain. please see picture of our black HalloweenStore_DecoFilm for blocking the view within a store above. I used our white HalloweenStore_DecoFilm to paint a message in the window. Our standard HalloweenStore_DecoFilm is tinted blue. We can do other colors as well.

The coating is non hazardous and water based. It can last indoors and out for up to a year or more. The product can be applied using an airless sprayer, roller or brush. Sprayer or roller is preferred. A gallon will cover approximately 200 square feet at 8 mils wet thickness. We can supply a sample size as small as a quart for nominal cost plus ups shipping. We accept credit cards for convenience.


Removal: HalloweenStore_DecoFilm can be removed by peeling. will turn white when wet but it will not come off unless peeled. HalloweenStore_DecoFilm is water resistant when it is dry film.

Safety & Handling: Avoid breathing vapors/mists that occur during spraying – wear a painter’s mask or other suitable respiratory device when applying this product. Avoid skin and eye contact. Do not allow product to freeze. Keep container closed when not in use. Store in a clean dry area with a minimum temperature of 50ºF.

Flammability: Water Resistant HalloweenStore_DecoFilm presents no fire hazard as received, during, or after application. HalloweenStore_DecoFilm is non-flammable in liquid or dry state.

Disposal: Protective peelable coating HalloweenStore_DecoFilm 4930 is disposed like paint films and other solid materials.

Packaging: HalloweenStore_DecoFilm is available in 1gallon,5 gallon,55 gallon & 110 gal/220 gal disposable tote tanks. Totes feature an inner bladder that collapses as product is dispensed, ensuring that all product is usable over the life of the container in service. Also available in different colors for additional costs.

Operating Guidelines:

1.When applying, use the same protection as used while applying paint.
2.Chemical goggles and impervious gloves should be worn when handling HalloweenStore_DecoFilm 4930.