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Introduction: Peelable Coating Remover

Due to wide variety of available materials and monomers, sometimes it’s difficult to remove the peelable coatings from the surface. It can also be due to the low thickness of the applied peelable coating which may result in, not easy release from the protected substrates. In this case we have a solution to remove the peelable coating using OxyStrip 2030 Pro.

OxyStrip 2030 ProClear gel Water based, good for vertical surfaces

Patch Test

Because it is difficult to determine the type and condition of the surface, perform a small patch test first.  It will determine the peelability of the coating on your particular surface, it will define the coverage and the approximate amount of time required for it to work and to remove off of surface.  We offer no implied or otherwise a warranty for our products.

Approximate Square Feet Coverage Per Gallon of General Chemical’s Peelable coatings: