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Introduction: Peelable Temporary Coating Remover

Description: Due to wide variety of available materials and monomers, sometimes its difficult to remove the peelable coatings from the surface. It can also be due to the low thickness of the applied peelable coating which may result in, not easy release from the protected substrates. In such case we have solutions to remove the the peelable coating using PEELSTRIP 4870.

PEELSTRIP 4870 is a water-based, viscous clear gel product specially developed for the removal of temporary protective Coatings (TPC).

The thixotropic nature of the product provides excellent Clinging on vertical surfaces to provide sufficient contact time for temporary Protective coating removal. A unique combination of surfactants provides quick Penetration and easy water rinsing.



PEELSTRIP 4870 can be sprayed applied using brush or roller and airless to be removed from small area.

Apply 2 to 10 mil thick wet coating of PEELSTRIP 4870 on temporary coating to be removed and allow reacting for 30 minutes depending upon the coating thickness and aging time of the applied.

Rinsing Method: Then rinse with a room temperature or warm water using a hose or pressurized water spray.

If TPC is not completely removed, then repeat the same process sequence as mentioned above.

Patch Test: Always test a small inconspicuous area first. Because of various substrate characteristics and conditions like porosity, deterioration, embattlement, adverse wear area, type of ink, paint and or other coating applied, abrasion of panted surfaces, and the like, it is difficult to predetermine specific effects from this product.

Safety & Handling: See application and safety precautions before applying. Liquid product is slippery when wet. Please refer to SDS. If peelstrip 4870 is spilled, soak it with an absorbent material,. Transfer into waste disposal container and dispose as solid waste. Refer to SDS for waste disposal information.

Storage: PEELSTRIP_4870 is a water-based product and therefore should be protected from freezing. If frozen, thaw and mix thoroughly prior to use. This product should be used within one year of the manufacturing date.


Physical Characteristics:

Appearance: Clear smooth gel
Weight: 8.58 lbs/gallon
Viscosity: Moderately viscous liquid
Solubility in Water: Complete