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Introduction: Automotive

Temporary protective Automotive Peelable masks for protecting automobile designed to combat the hazards that a vehicle faces on today’s highways. Rock chips, insects, bad weather, and salted roadways are just some of the things that can damage the beautiful factory finish of a vehicle and diminish it’s value.

General Chemical’s Automotive strippable coatings dry to form a contour-hugging skin-tight protective film. Automotive customers and others recognized the value of protecting substrates during fabrication, assembly and shipment. The tough General Chemical’s Peelable coating clear film is still the best method of preventing scratches and abrasions and strips cleanly away from the surface leaving no residue. It will also act as a masking against paint overspray.

Who hasn’t been bugged by the corrosive nature of insect fluids on car paint? If you’re not in love with “love bugs” and their creepy-crawly kin, you’re not alone. If you deplore the mess and believe there’s something in insect insides that damages paint by softening the finish, you may be ready to tackle it with our Peelable coatings combating something that truly bugs us!


Main Advantages

  • Results in a reduction of labor costs.
  • Once cured, it provides an extremely tough, uniform film.
  • Curing time can be cut considerably with the use of heat lamps (120°F), circulation of air and other factors.
  • Easily removed. Peels off in sheets which eliminates messy hand scrapping.
  • Safe, non-flammable.
  • Suitable for all substrates including polycarbonates, plastic and painted surfaces.
  • Branch Scratches

  • Stone

  • Dirt & Dust

  • Bug Splatters

  • Bird, Bat, Bug Droppings

  • Tree Sap

  • UV Damage/Fading

  • Pollution

  • Grease & Grime

Drying Time:
It is critical that Peelable coating film is allowed to cure dry. Drying time will vary according to humidity, temperature and weather condition. The evaporation of water will be speeded by air movement and warmth supplied by natural and mechanical means.

It is possible to get a 3 mil tack free dry coating film in less than one hour drying in air at ambient temperature. For maximum tensile strength , 12 hour drying time is better. Blowing air past the surface of the wet film, drying time can be shortened. Heated air up to temperature of 115f can also help in drying time. Mask cures upon water evaporation.

Dry time is dependent upon temperature, humidity, air movement and thickness of the coating. Curing may be accelerated by forced dry air up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Force dry coatings can cure in less than 10 minutes. Most coatings without assist will dry in a few hours. It is imperative that Liquid Mask be thoroughly cured and dry, before an attempt is made to peel the coating from the substrate. Cured coating is transparent throughout. Cured Mask is water resistant. Surfaces coated with Mask can be water mopped.

Application by roller might require a few coats. Thick coating peels in one large continuous sheet. Thin coatings will break in areas of coating weakness. Mask is water based for safe use and easy water clean up. Dry coatings are water resistant. When applying Mask use the same protection as used while applying paint.

General Chemical’s Peelable coatings is a temporary protective coating and adhesion is low.

Peelable coatings once completely dry are resistant to water and solvent and acts as a mask against sprayed emulsion paints, lacquers, oil or grease and water.

The dry Peelable coatings film can be easily removed either by hand stripping or other means. Peelable coatings are thermoplastic. Do not try to remove in freezing conditions. Peelable coatings are brittle in freezing condition.

Clean Up:
General Chemical’s Peelable coating is a water-based product and you can clean spray equipment and brushes with water. Do this immediately before peelalbe coating starts to dry.


Storage Protection
Heavy Duty Usage
TDSFloorpeel 4000Clear
TDSPaintshield 5140Clear
TDSPaintshield 5720Clear
TDSStripaway 5201White Gloss

Paint Spray Booth Peelable Coatings

Developed for application to walls and floors of paint spray booths and surrounding area. The peelable masking film protects the walls and floors of the spray booth area from paint overspray and yet maintains its integrity by not allowing solvent penetration. It can be quickly peeled from any surface, even when heavily laden with overspray.

General Chemical’s water based & solvent based fast drying Peelable / Paint spray booth strippable coatings are temporary protective strippable coatings for Spray booths, Paint Booths, industrial floors & various surfaces such as paint booths spray booths, glass, decal, storage parts wood and others to protect it temporarily during industrial process or in material handling.

Preservation & Storage System

Peelable coatings are used for long term preservation for the external storage of vehicles and equipment saving the use of internal storage space and also when they are loaded on deck, protected from the corrosive elements during the long sea voyage .

Similar applications apply to any components that may be exposed to the elements for long periods of time that would be affected by U.V. degradation, acid rain or corrosion. The General Chemical Preservation System Peelable maskants are non toxic, non flammable and the water borne skin tight film will not damage plastic or painted surfaces.

Clay Modeling Concept Cars

Description: The General Chemical’s temporary protective coatings are water borne non-toxic and non-hazardous products which is applied by lamb’s wool roller. It peels away cleanly leaving no residue and will not damage plastics or painted surfaces.

General Chemical strippable coating is also used to protect heavy traffic areas and sensitive surfaces against staining and abrasion during construction, storage and transport. Simply roll on and peel off on completion. The tough film is weather-resistant, UV and solvent resistant.

Stripcoat 4490AL is solvent based Bright Silver Peelable coating for prototypes in engineering design on clay models and other substrates so the flaws can be found easier. 4490AL is Automotive Peelable masks an international standard for designing prototypes such as cars during designing and manufacturing process.


One liter will cover approximately 4 square meters at a dry film thickness of 100 microns. You can also use following chart to calculate in mil thickness and gallon coverage.Approximate Square Feet Coverage Per Gallon of General Chemical’s Peelable coatings:

General Chemical has a complete line of Peelable Masks to meet your challenging requirement. If we do not have something to meet your specific requirement, than we will develop it by working with you to meet that need for strippable coating.