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Aerospace Strippable Coating

General Chemical’s Aerospace strippable coatings dry to form a contour-hugging, skin-tight protective film. Aerospace customers and others recognize the value of protecting substrates during fabrication, assembly and shipment. The tough, clear film is the best method of preventing scratches and abrasions and acts as a maskant against paint overspray. It strips away from the surface leaving no residue.  The protective film provides long term protection and can be stripped away by hand.  Our peelable coatings can also be used for long term preservation for external storage of airplane parts and equipment (saving the use of internal storage space).  The coatings also provide corrosion protection during exposure when parts are loaded onto a ship deck during long sea voyages.

General Chemical Corp. also offers an extensive line of environmentally friendly paint strippers for use on aircraft surfaces and parts. These thixotropic paint strippers are designed to cling to vertical surfaces thereby improving the paint removal process. Our paint removers are designed to remove aircraft exterior paint finishes and primers when inspecting and/or re-painting an aircraft.

Metal Protect 5000Clear peelable coatingWater based, non VOC, corrosion protection, ideal on metal substrate
Metal Protect 5201White peelable coatingWater based, non VOC, corrosion protection, ideal on metal substrate, good reflective properties, UV light protection
Plastic Mask 7550Translucent peelable coatingWater based, ideal for thermoforming process, easy release from a variety of substrates, non VOC
Plate Off Mask 4300Blue acid resistant peelable coatingSolvent based, quick air dry, ideal for chemical milling/anodization
OxyStrip 2030Paint stripperWater based, low VOC, gel paint stripper

Aerospace Strippable Coating Benefits & Advantages

Aerospace strippable coatings offer cost-effective protection during storage, transport and fitting. It is a tough, weather-resistant film that withstands hazards, scratching and paint overspray. It comes off of the substrate cleanly without leaving any residue.

  • Results in a reduction of labor costs
  • Once cured, it provides an extremely tough, uniform film.
  • Curing time can be cut considerably with the use heat lamps (100°F), circulation of air and other factors.
  • Non-flammable

Patch Test

Because it is difficult to determine the type and condition of the surface, perform a small patch test first.  It will determine the peelability of the coating on your particular surface, it will define the coverage and the approximate amount of time required for it to work and to remove off of surface.  We offer no implied or otherwise a warranty for our products.

Approximate Square Feet Coverage Per Gallon of General Chemical’s Peelable coatings:

General Chemical has a complete line of Peelable Masks to meet your challenging requirement. If we do not have something to meet your specific requirement, than we will develop it by working with you to meet that need for strippable coating.