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Aerospace Strippable Coating

Aerospace Strippable Coatings
HeliCoat 1170Water based peelable protection for Helicopter acrylic windows and windshields. Color: Stocked in blue, but can be made clear upon request. Weight: 9.92 Lbs./Gal. Viscosity: 50-60″ on Zahn #2 cup at 77°F. Flashpoint: None.
HeliCoat 2630Water based peelable protection for Helicopter acrylic windows and windshields in the aircraft. Color: Stocked in blue, but can be made clear upon request. Weight: 9.92 Lbs./Gallon Viscosity: 50-60″ on Zahn #2 cup at 77ºF Flashpoint: None
Metal Protect 5000Water Based Clear Peelable Coating for protection against rust and damage during shipping, storage and transit
Metal Protect 5201Water based peelable coating for protecting parts during shipment, storage and in transit. 5201 is useful for substrate protection during polishing, handling and long term storage.
OxyStrip 2030General Chemical Corp. offers extensive line of environmentally advantaged paint strippers for use in the paint removal of aircraft surfaces and parts.
Propeller Coat 1840Water based peelable protection for aircraft propellers and other industries. Color: White. Flashpoint: None.
StripCoat 4490ALSolvent based peelable coating for clay modeling, concept cars, and prototypes. Water and acid resistant. Low viscosity for air assisted spray and brushable applications. Color: Aluminum. Substrates: M; TS; G.
UV PeelMaskLight-cured Temporary Masking Resins for Chemical Milling Processes

General Chemical’s Aerospace strippable coatings dries to form a contour-hugging, skin-tight protective film. Aerospace customers and others recognize the value of protecting substrates during fabrication, assembly and shipment. The tough General Chemical Peelable coating clear film is the best method of preventing scratches and abrasions. It strips cleanly away from the surface leaving no residue and will also act as a maskant against paint overspray.

The protective film can remain in place for many months and is simply stripped away by hand when required without leaving any residue. It can also be used for long term preservation and mothballing.

Protective Peelable Coatings for Aircraft and Aircraft Parts:
General Chemical Corp. coatings have engineered strippable coatings for the aircraft industry. They protect acrylic canopies and transparencies during fabrication, assembly and shipment. The clear film formed by coating is the best method of preventing scratches and abrasions and strips cleanly away from the surface leaving no residue. It will also act as a maskant against paint overspray.

Preservation System:
Our Peelable coatings are used for long term preservation for the external storage of airplane parts and equipment. Saving the use of internal storage space and also when they are loaded on deck, protected from the corrosive elements during long sea voyages.

Similar applications apply to any components that may be exposed to the elements for long periods of time that would be affected by U.V. degradation, acid rain or corrosion. General Chemical Peelable maskants are non toxic, non flammable and the water borne skin tight film will not damage plastic or painted surfaces.

Chemical Milling:
General Chemical Corp.’s line of chemical milling maskants provides both water, or solvent based and UV Curable Masking Resins. These are used to allow aircraft manufacturers to protect the metal in areas exposed to the harsh chemical milling solutions, are designed for complete protection from undercutting, and are easily removed after the chemical milling operation is complete. Maskant is designed primarily in the aerospace industry as this process is uniquely suited to reducing weight while maintaining strength on aluminum parts. General Chemical Corp.’s UV PeelMask resins are available in burn-off and peelable, and water soluble grades. The coatings are easily removed and leave the surface clean after the chemical milling process and other manufacturing processes. The tough peelable coating resists the attack of aggressive chemicals such as acids & alkaline. It provides a protection to exposed metal areas from chemical erosion.

Clay Concept Modeling:
Stripcoat 4490AL is solvent based Bright Silver Peelable coating for prototypes in engineering design on clay models and other substrates so the flaws can be found easier. 4490AL is an Aerospace Peelable mask and an international standard for designing prototypes (such as cars) during the design and manufacturing process.
General Chemical’s temporary protective coatings are waterborne, non-toxic, and non-hazardous products, which are applied by lamb’s wool roller. They peel away cleanly leaving no residue and will not damage plastics or painted surfaces.
General Chemical’s strippable coatings are also used to protect heavy traffic areas and sensitive surfaces against staining and abrasion during construction, storage and transport. Simply roll on and peel off upon completion. The tough film is weather-resistant, UV and solvent resistant

Paint Strippers: Aircraft Paint Removal Systems
General Chemical Corp. offers an extensive line of environmentally friendly paint strippers for use on aircraft surfaces and parts. These thixotropic paint strippers are designed to cling to vertical surfaces thereby improving the paint removal process. Our paint removers are designed to remove aircraft exterior paint finishes and primers when inspecting and/or re-painting an aircraft.

Aerospace Strippable Coating Benefits & Advantages

Aerospace strippable coatings offer cost-effective protection during storage, transport and fitting. It is a tough, weather-resistant film that withstands hazards, scratching and paint overspray. It comes off of the substrate cleanly without leaving residue.

  • Results in a reduction of labor costs
  • Once cured, it provides an extremely tough, uniform film thickness.
  • Curing time can be cut considerably with the use heat lamps (100°F), circulation of air and other factors.
  • Non-flammable
  • Suitable for all substrates including polycarbonates, plastic and painted surfaces

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Special Instructions:
When spraying over freshly lacquered or re-enameled surfaces, allow 24 hours for lacquer to dry and allow full enamel cure before applying peelable coatings. Be sure to apply full film thickness of 100 microns (10-12 mils wet) on equipment to be stored for many months exposed to rain, sun and snow. This is a water based compound and should be protected from freezing. Recommended storage temperature is 40°F-85°F.

If the our Peelable Coating Film rips or tears, the flap may be lifted and resealed by applying a fresh wet coat to the underside and resealing. Alternatively, cut away flap and re-apply fresh coating, as it will bond to itself.

External Weather Resistance:
Long-term exposure to sunlight will cause premature deterioration and brittleness of the film. Exposure to water after the film is dried will soften the film but it will recover once it dries. Avoid traffic over the film while it is wet.

Drying Time:
It is critical that our Peelable Coating Film is allowed to cure and dry. Cure depends on the speed of water evaporation. Drying time will vary according to humidity, temperature and weather conditions. The water evaporation can be sped up by air movement and warmth supplied by natural and mechanical means.

Our Peelable Coatings are a temporary protective peelable film and adhesion is low.

Once Peelable Coatings are completely dry, they are resistant to water and solvent, and act as a masking agent against sprayed emulsion paints, lacquers, oil, or grease and water.

The dry, Peelable Film can be easily removed either by hand stripping or other means. Peelable coatings are thermoplastic. Do not try to remove in freezing conditions as it will become brittle in freezing conditions.

Clean Up:
Our peelable coatings are water-based products, meaning you can clean spray equipment and brushes with water. Do this immediately before peelable coating starts to dry.

One liter will cover approximately 4 m² (160-190 ft²) at a dry film thickness of 100 microns (5.5 mils.). Use following chart to calculate in mil thickness and gallon coverage.

Approximate Square Feet Coverage Per Gallon of General Chemical’s Peelable coatings:

General Chemical has a complete line of Peelable Masks to meet your challenging requirement. If we do not have something to meet your specific requirement, than we will develop it by working with you to meet that need for strippable coating.